04-How to access a meditation room and a forum

How to access the meditation room:

1) Login with your user name and password, in the Front Page of the web site, in the MEDITATION ROOMS Block, you have a choice to use either FLASH or HTML5 chat. As much as possible, please use FLASH chat because it has more features than HTML5 chat. If you are using mobile device, to use FLASH chat, it is recommneded to install Puffin Browser.

2) Choose the chat type by clicking FLASH or HTML5 button and a new window will be opened with the list of all meditation rooms you can join.

3) Choose one of the room and enter the room password.

4) Join the meditation room.

Note: The room password can be found in the Forum Menu in its related Forum topic (Room Passwords & Schedules).

To access the Forum, you just need to choose Forum Menu and choose which Forum you are eligible to access. You will only see the Forum you are allowed to access based on your assigned role(s).