00-What you need to have in your device


You can access the meditation room from your desktop or laptop computer (running windows or other operating systems) or mobile devices (like iPad, iPhone or Android phone and tablet or similar devices) as long as you can use web browser on those devices. To join the meditation room, as you will read the text during meditation, it is not recomended to use small screen smart phone. You better use a bigger screen size device to help you to be more relaxed during meditation session. 

There are many modern web browsers you can use to register your user name and access the meditation room. It is recommended to install more than 1 web browser in your device, just in case one web browser has a problem with the connection to the web site. Some recommended (have been tested) web browsers to be installed in addition to your default web browser already installed in your device are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Slim Browser, Puffin Browser and Torch. Other web browsers that has native flash and HTML 5 support will work fine as well. One new web browser that support Flash content and use cloud technology so it is very fast is Puffin Browser. Please help to suggest a web browser to Admin that you find work well in your device to help other users. Please also join discussion in our General Forum about web browsers for different devices.

The web browsers you use need to support Flash and HTML 5 for the meditation room program to work properly with cookies file set to be enable for this web site. Cookies is a small file used to exchange information between your web browser and the web server to maintain the connectiom. Most modern web browsers have this cookies set to enable upon instalation. But some may need to be enable manually. Please use google search services to find out cookies setting for your web browsers. When you can register your user name sucessfully in this web site, it simply means your cookies setting is set OK for this web site. If you can not register your user name, you need to change the cookies setting on your browser. That is the reason why you should register your user name directly by your self through your own device web browser and not asking Admin or someone else to register a user name for you via other devices. 


The meditation room program used in this web site is based on flash technolgy, so you may need to also update your flash player occasionaly. Most web browsers do this upate automatically, but sometimes you may experience connection problem due to the failure of this update. Some web browsers have their own built-in version of flash player and some simply use update from Adobe Flash Player. If you use other web browser than Google Chrome, please visit this web page to update your Adobe Flas Player, just in case you experience problem in accessing your meditation room. Most of the connection problem to the meditation room experienced by existing users in the past are due to failure of this update, not because of the chat server problem.In other word, Admin can not help much as Admin does not have access to your computer or devices. 

Just in case you have some problems with your Adobe Flash Player, please try to follow instructions on this web page to troubleshoot. 


If you are using a windows computer and can install a program in your windows device, you have additional way to access a meditation room by using a small program called a chat client. This small program will connect you to your meditation room faster as it will not need you to use a web browser. Additional information about uisng the chat client can be found below in other section of this web page or in our Forum Discussion. At this moment, this feature is only available for windows computer.


In any case, after you already tried to get help from other alumni or users and still can not solve the problem, please contact Admin. Contact information can be found in http://www.openyourheart.ws/content/useful-contacts-links There are other useful information you may also need from that web page.