Useful Contacts & Links

Whom to contact for more information

No. Email Address Enquiry
  1. [email protected] General inquiry about web site and technical matter related to meditation rooms or chat server  
  2. Sunny: [email protected] room regulations, room schedules, prayer leader assignment, prayer text.
  3. [email protected] distant healing patient registration
  4. [email protected] to make donation to support web and chat servers operational expenses and meditation room activity

    In case the server is experiencing problem/down (emergency case), please send text message or SMS or WhatsAapp (WA) Message  to: +6289609461588

    Mailing list or Forum to join for more related information 

    No. Mailing List Notes
     1. [email protected] main mailing list to get latest news about meditation room
     2. [email protected] discussion about Reiki, Kundalini, open heart, etc
     3. [email protected] international alumni mailing list for discussion on workshop related subjects (reiki, kundalini, inner heart, open heart, etc)
     4. [email protected] Indonesian alumni mailing list for discussion on workshop related subjects (reiki, kundalini, inner heart, open heart, etc) in Indonesian language
     5. Open Your Heart Forum Online Forum to share your realization about The Love, discuss experiences and exercises related matter. You need to register via the web site registration. Once you are a registered user of the web site, you are automatically the member of the forum as well.

    To join yahoogroups mailing list, please send a blank email to: <mailing list name>[email protected] For example, to register to [email protected], please send a blank e-mail to: [email protected] and wait for the approval

    Useful related web site links 

    No. Web Site URL Notes
     1 main web site for Meditation Room information
     2 or 

    information about Reiki Tummo, Kundalini, open heart and related matters to help you open your heart bigger to True Source
     3. information about Open Heart Meditation and Workshops
     4 to calculate local time difference and local time related information (abbreviations) to have proper room schedule according to your area 

    Donations to help others open heart more

    You are very welcome to share your love to help other hearts open more through donations to help maintaining the web and chat server. As the server we use to host the web site and chat server program is paid monthly, we recommend yearly donation about US$15 per member per year.
    If you are in Indonesia, you can send your yearly donation to the following account:
    Bank name: Maybank
    Account No.: 
    Account owner: Irmansyah Effendi
    (suggested amount Rp. 150.000 per year).
    If you are in other country, you can send your donation via paypal  to
    [email protected]
    We thank you in advance for sharing your love through the donation you made (L) :)
    NB> Any question related to the web and chat server donation can be directed to the email: [email protected]