01-How to register a new user name and change the default password

Prior to registering a new user name, you may need to read several rules regarding user name. As has been used so far, the valid user name consists of 3 major parts and each part is separated by dot (.) not underscore nor minus sign. The use of dot (.) will also save more space to display user name better as the available display space for user name is very limited. Those 3 major parts are:

  1. Abbreviation of your Country name consists of 2 capital letters. These 2 capital letters are taken from Top Level Domain (TLD) of your country internet code. You can see the list when you register, in personal information section.

  2. Abbreviation of your city (consists of 3 letters, the first one is capital letter) or state or province name (consists of 2 capital letters). When you register, you need to suggest this abbreviation. You use your state or province name when you are staying in big country like USA and Canada where alumni location is distributed in many smaller cities. You use your city name when you stay in the country where most alumni are concentrated in 1 city like in Indonesia and other countries. When your city and country name are the same like Singapore, you may use only country abbreviation without city abbreviation, for example: SG.Rio, instead of SG.Sin.Rio.

  3. Part of your real name. Please DO NOT use aliases or word(s) that is not part of your real name. Admin will change your login user name to use word(s) from your real name. You can not change your user name once it is set or approved by admin.

Examples: Amir Baraja in Jakarta Indonesia will have valid user name: ID.Jkt.AmirB Barry Smith in Ontario Province, Canada, will use CA.ON.BarryS and David Crown in New York State, USA will use US.NY.DavidC. If you use the computer together with your partner, husband or wife you can use for example: US.NC.Ed-Paramjit meaning Ed and Paramjit in North Carolina, USA. Please do not use ~ sign between names as that is considered as an illegal characters in the data base system.

Please note that the maximum number of characters in username is 32 characters, but inside the meditation room only 16 first characters will be displayed. Even though username is not case sensitive when you use it to login, when you create one during registration process, please follow the guideline above regarding capital letters to avoid delay.


1) As the registration processes utilize mostly e-mail communication between your email and admin email, please make sure your spam or junk mail protection systems do not block any email from the admin, that is [email protected]

2) In case you never receive approval e-mail notification (the second email) from admin, after 2 days of your registration day, please use Request new password facility to get your new activation link. Please use your valid active email address you use during registration. Do not use your user name you created during registration as that one may be changed already by Admin. 

The following youtube video link expalin how to register user name and also change or resetting your forgotten password and change email address. Please note that you can change your email address if you can still access or login to your account. If you can not access or log in any longer AND forget or loss access to your registered email address, you do need Admin to help you to change email and reset password. Please avoid doing this by using valid active email address when registering user name. 

Please watch the following youtube video to guide you in creating a new user name and change the default password. Please change your default password and remember the new one. 

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