Masteryoga Room Schedules

NO Room/Sub-room & Prayer Schedule 

Masteryoga Main Room - Indonesian and English MY 1-1 / MY 1-2 / MY 1-3


Prerequisite to joined MY 1-1 : already joined a Spiritual Retreat

Prerequisite to join MY 1-2 : already MY 1-1 and practice MY 1-1 at least 21 days

Prerequisite to join MY1-3 practice : has practiced MY 1-2 for 21 days and already got MY 1-3 attunement from Guru

Coordinator: Sunny <[email protected]>


Every Tuesday: 7.00 PM (Jakarta local time)

Tuesday of first week : MY 1-1

Tuesday of second week : MY 1-2

Tuesday of third week : MY 1-3

Tuesday of fourth week : MY 1-1

Tuesday of fifth week (if there is any) : MY 1-2



Masteryoga Main Room - Open Heart Prayer

Requirement: Spiritual Retreat Alumni

Coordinator: Sunny <[email protected]>

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 6 am Jakarta time


Requirement: SONW/RBA Instructors and Assistants

Coordinator: Kimmi <[email protected]>

Announced by email from the coordinator


Soul (within Masteryoga)

Requirement: Spiritual Retreat Alumni

Coordinator: Betty <[email protected]>

Monday: 8.00 PM (Jakarta local time)

Friday: 9.00 PM (Jakarta local time)


Surrendering Free Will (within Masteryoga)

Requirement: MRT++ Alumni

Coordinator: Steve Ray <[email protected]>

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6.30 AM (Hobart time)

Wednesday 8.30 PM (Hobart time)


Kakak Asuh ( 1 to 3)

Requirement: Spiritual Retreat Alumni

Coordinator: Admin <[email protected]>


No Set Schedule