Surrender Free Will prayer schedule

Dear everyone,

This is concerning the time to join Surrender Free Will prayer organized by the Australians.

For those who are residing on different countries other than Australia…, please note that Day light Saving Time (DST) changes are happening at this time of the year. In Australia, they will turn forward their clock 1 hour on 7th of October. And in US/Europe on 4th of November they will turn back their clock 1 hour. NZ already turn forward their clock 1 hour on 30th Sept.

Surrender Free Will prayer schedule :

Sub-room: Surrendering Free Will (within Masteryoga)

Requirement: MRT++ Alumni

Coordinator: Steve Ray <[email protected]>

Monday to Friday: 6.35 AM (Sharp Hobart time)

Wednesday 8.30 pm (Hobart time)

Please use the time zone converter ( to convert the time of SFW prayer to your local time, so that you can get the correct time at your place every time Australia is having the DST adjustment and also every time your country has DST adjustment. It is always happening when entering spring or autumn.

For those who reside in Australia you don’t need to worry about this, except Perth who doesn’t apply/observe DST adjustment at all, need to convert the time too.

Thank you.

With (L)