Open Heart For Everyone

Hi sweethearts,
We are so grateful to share with you that we will launch a new program where everyone can share about the Open Heart to everyone.  This program is called “Open Heart for Everyone” and is available globally excluding Australia (as TrueHeart already runs donation-based OH1 & OH2 there). The same program is also available in Indonesia under the name "Kelompok Sosialisasi Hati" 
What is Open Heart for Everyone?

It is a very structured program to introduce Open Heart for public and consisted of 5 sessions. The curriculum has been heart-checked, tried and tested to bring the best benefits for the public. The duration of each session is around 1 hour and it is free of charge. When the participants completed the whole 5 sessions, they will be given a certificate and can join the OH level 1 workshop with a 50% discount. 
How does it work?

This is a community service. Therefore, everyone who has done TSR and above can become a guide of this program and share this with your community such as your friends, families, co-workers, students, companies, banks, sport clubs, yoga club etc. Each group consists of a maximum of 10 participants and lead by 2 guides. 
Who can be a guide of this program?

Everyone who:

1. Have done TSR and above  

2. Realize the meaning and the beauty of becoming True Source’s instruments to help others to open their hearts to True Source

3. Are committed and passionate in helping others to grow spiritually

4. Have a computer with working video and microphone

5. Can operate the basic function of Skype or Zoom

6. Can provide a voice recording

7. Join a 3-hours training for guide

After joining the training, you will be given a complete guideline that provides you a step by step guide for every session.  
If you have time and passion to help others in you community to open heart to True Source please fill in the application here:  If you have any queries, feel free to email us at [email protected]    

Thank you so much everyone for your kesediaan to be as True Source Instruments to help others to open their hearts to True Source 

With Love and gratitude, 
The team of Open Heart for Everyone