Master Irman will be on line in J1 : Masteryoga room on 5th Oct 2020 at 8 am Jakarta time

Dear All :)

Please be informed that Master Irman is going to be on line in :

Room J1 : Masteryoga main room on 5th of Oct 2020 at 8 am Jakarta time. This is open for all alumni minimum already attended a regular spiritual retreat.

To know the password for J1 : Masteryoga main room, just click Forum in  and then scroll down until your find Masteryoga Forum, and just click the topic about password.  

Please help to let others/eligible hearts know, especially those first time participants of spiritual retreat to join. To know the local hours and date for your place, you can use the time zone converter at

Please note :

  • Do not ask/share passwords in PadmaNews because this is open for all levels.
  • Do not share passwords in WA group, as you may accidentally share passwords to those who are actually not eligible.
  • All those eligible should be able to access Forum and find the password. If you can’t access the required Forum, you might need to update your status to Admin ([email protected]) to inform them that you have attended a spiritual retreat, when and where, and they will verify you and give you access to the requested Forum.

Thank’s lotuses all sweethearts.

with :)(L)


Please log in earlier to avoid high traffic when everybody try to login at the same time.
Please set your font size to normal minimum size (size 14) and no bold, only black color, just standard.

Please do not type using New line option that will occupy more space on the screen.

Please do this setting as soon as you log into the chat room.

Windows computer user, please use ChatClient Program to connect to the chat room. Please download at



Dear Semuanya  :)

Master Irman akan on line di :

Room J1 : Masteryoga main room pada tanggal 5 Oct 2020, Senin jam 8 pagi WIB. Ini terbuka utk semua alumni yang minimal sudah ikut retreat pendalaman spritual.

Harap bantu memberitahu rekan2 yg sdh memenuhi syarat utk ikutan, khususnya peserta baru untuk tingkat Retreat Pendalaman spiritual. Untuk mengetahui password dari Masteryoga main room, silahkan ke dan klik Forum, kemudian scroll ke bawah sampai menemukan Forum Masteryoga dan silahkan klik topik mengenai password untuk mendapatkan password main room Masteryoga.

Harap perhatikan :

  • Dilarang meminta/membagi password di PadmaNews, karena PadmaNews terbuka untuk semua level.
  • Dilarang share password di WA group, karena memungkinkan tdk sengaja membagikan password ke orang yg seharusnya tdk memenuhi syarat utk ikutan.
  • Semua yg berhak ikut harusnya bisa mencari Passwordnya di Forum. Kalau tdk bisa masuk ke Forum yg dimaksud ada kemungkinan anda belum mengupdate status anda ke Admin ([email protected]) untuk menginformasikan bahwa anda telah ikut retreat pendalaman spiritual, kapan dan di mana. Mereka akan melakukan verifikasi dan memberikan akses ke Forum yg dimaksud.

Trims Teratai semuanya.

with :)(L)


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Harap atur ukuran Font anda ke normal (ukuran 14) dan jangan pakai huruf tebal atau wa rna lain selain hitam. Semuanya standar.

Harap jangan mengetik dengan opsi Newline karena akan membuat penuh layar dengan cepat.

Harap segera lakukan pengaturan ini secepat anda log in ke dalam chat Room.

Bagi pengguna komputer Windows, harap gunakan program ChatClient untuk terhubung ke chat room. Program dan Instruksi dapat di down load di: