About TrueHeart

Open Your Heart Meditation Rooms is associated with TrueHeart. TrueHeart shares the teachings of Irmansyah Effendi MSc., who has helped many thousands of people all over the world to open their hearts and find the joy and peace within for more than two decades.

Spirituality is often associated with mystical or mysterious matters, yet the word spirit, which is the root word, in fact refers to our true self, that resides within our spiritual hearts. Spiritual development has nothing to do with becoming a superior nor perfect being, but rather, when we open our spiritual hearts we will be happier, kinder, humbler, more forgiving and more loving towards others. This is because our spiritual heart is the key connection to True Source, our Creator, the Source of True Love and Light, and by opening this connection, we will naturally be filled with more love, joy, peace and sincerity. Spiritual advancement is discovering the joy in using our whole life and everything that we go through to be closer to True Source.

 Photo: Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc.
Photo: Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc.

TrueHeart’s Vision:
To help people to

  • use their Spiritual Heart to rely on the Love of True Source, our Creator;
  • live their lives with an Open Heart in joy and gratitude for the real purpose of life; and,
  • share the Love of True Source to others; thus, improving relationships with others and giving positive benefits to the wider community.


TrueHeart’s Mission:

  • Establish TrueHeart centres across Australia, where people can learn, practice and share about Open Heart to the community
  • Provide TrueHeart Facilitators (volunteers)
  • Share The Real Purpose of Life to the community
  • Share and teach Open Heart Meditations and Practices to the community
  • Motivate people to open their Hearts by relying on the Love of True Source, so they can share the Love of True Source to the community
  • Help people to release and let go negative/destructive emotions, habits, behaviors to live a more joyful and peaceful life.
  • Share the real-life application of relying on True Source Love to the community, such as: prayers for those who have passed away, improving relationships, better health etc.
  • Educate participants so they can share to the wider community about Open Heart, True Source Love, and Real Purpose of Life

The simple, yet profound, technique of opening the Spiritual Heart and connecting with True Source has significantly helped many with problems such as:

  • Reducing negative emotions and triggers to bad habits
  • Decreasing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Overcoming addictions and destructive behaviours
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Dealing with serious illnesses in themselves or in loved ones
  • Lessening the sense of disconnection, aimlessness and hopelessness

TrueHeart brings together the community’s volunteers, experience, resources and energy, focusing on offering Irmansyah Effendi’s teachings to the wider community. Some of the programmes include:

  • Free public classes and workshops on Open Heart Meditation and Practices
  • Free public lectures on Spiritual Development and the Real Purpose of Life
  • Free public classes and workshops on overcoming destructive/negative habits
  • Free public classes and workshops on coping with grief and loss of loved ones
  • Free online Open Heart Meditation sessions, support, forums and chatrooms
  • TrueHeart Centres: buildings/venues which will be specifically used for practices, activities, gatherings and workshops facilitated by TrueHeart

Contact :
[email protected] Or +61 433 919 887